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Therapy Services

There is no magic to the process but, the process is ~ Magical.


Each session is unique and determined by the client and his/her needs. 


What is Equine Assisted Therapy?


This is a very unique method of counseling that involves a partnership between the client, a horse specialist, and of course-a HORSE. It is experiential-meaning it happens in the here and now; it is not always TALK but more action between the client and the horse. The horse specialist and the counselor work together with the client to attach meaning to what occurs during each session. 

What is Traditional Talk Therapy?


A small office overlooking the pastures is the setting for clients who need to talk with a NC licensed therapist in a one on one setting; perfect for clients dealing with anxiety, depression, or issues related to past traumas.  

What is Behavioral Support?

Clients needing help with behavior modifications for themselves or their children who struggle with ADD, ADHD, Austim Spectrum Disorder, or other Emotional Disabilities find that working with our behavioral therapist, in conjunction with our NC licensed therapist, adds benefit to changes in their lifestyle. Our Behavior Specialist is available by appointment only.

Our Behavior Specialist can also assist families looking for support in creating or understanding school based behavior intervention plans and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

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