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Happy New Year! 2017 was such a phenomenal year for us at Acres of Hope. We each grew both personally and professionally. The team got to work with folks from as far away as Raleigh, NC; Stanly County, NC; and even Iredell County, NC. Each client has brought us insight into ourselves and has inspired us to continually find ways to best facilitate their personal journeys.

The horses, well the horses have been the epitome of grace, compassion and honesty. There has not been a single client that has walked away from AoH that has not experienced the "horses don't lie" component of therapy. Each of our nine herdsfolk have made an impact on someone, in their unique way. From our Grand Dame Freckles to the smallest of the crowd, Nugget and Duke, these champions of truth have walked alongside multiple people and helped them find their own individual answers.

2018 is already beginning with new clients, new challenges and new goals. For starts, the team at Acres of Hope, plans to add a new structure at the facility this year... a covered arena. The entire team, four legged and two legged will appreciate a reprieve from the hot summer sun and the sessions that occur in the rain!

Our second goal for this year is have a weekend "campout" for kids and parents this summer. The plan is to have a Friday night campout with kids and parents, with Saturday being kids only with horses. More on this event will be published later. We are going to do a one day event for starts and see if it meets the needs of the community. Camping under the stars with horses around..... sounds peaceful huh?

Another goal for 2018 is to bring Tai Chi to the pasture at Acres of Hope. The search is on for a Tai Chi instructor who would be willing to hold classes with the Equines. Imagine a sunny day, early in the morning, smooth movement of people and horses walking around at peace and in harmony with the participants.


So what is going on..... the horses are waiting for you. All of these things can only happen if you share your experiences with the horse. Please know that we are here for you, whatever your journey may be.... take charge and share it with Acres of Hope. We are waiting .... for you.... to come and experience the wonderful healing that takes place at Acres of Hope, You can reach us at 336-267-4006 or 847-977-8313.

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