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2017 --- The Year of Personal Growth

As the healing herd and the staff at Acres of Hope Equine Therapy Services, LLC look back on 2016, we are anticipating the growth in 2017.

Last year our teams worked with such fantastic people ranging from corporate retreats to bereavement camps. The healing herd walked the journey with multiple clients dealing with issues of depression, sexual trauma, physical and mental abuse, and complicated grief/loss. Families came to the farm looking for closure and found unbelievable strength and compassion. Individuals stood beside horses in states of fear and apprehension, and walked away in a state of peace.

If 2017 can meet just a quarter of the needs that were met in 2016, then the healing herd will do their job.

Our staff learned many things last year about each other and about the partnership that exists between horse and man. Our healing herd experienced emotional stresses that resulted in our staff having to put one of the members on sabbatical for emotional well being. She gave everything she could to a group of grieving children and when she returned to the farm, she had no more to give in sessions. We have learned that like the human members of the mental health team, the horses put their emotions into the healing and need to take care of self afterwards.

On the two legged front, our team members have learned that not every session has to be structured and outlined, but that the clients dictate what their needs are in any given session and it is our role to ensure that those needs are heard. The horses showed the humans many times over that control is not ours but belongs to the horses and the client. We are there to observe the obvious in the round pen and pasture and help the client ask the question about meaning for self. The horses taught us as counselors and equine specialists, all along the way.

As we enter into 2017, the entire team at Acres of Hope looks forward to sharing your life, and witnessing your personal growth. We welcome you to visit us and the healing herd.

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