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Protecting Emotions

Emotions are just that, emotions. What gives them power is the action one takes based on the emotion. Let us think about this -- the real power is when a person owns up to the emotion, names it, claims it as theirs, and then is able to make a decision knowing just what that emotion is.

Emotions are neither right nor wrong. Emotions are as natural to a human as a heartbeat to the body. The key to emotion is defining it, and deciding if action needs to be taken at all.

This where the real beauty of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy plays in counseling. You see, a horse reflects back to the client the emotions that a client is journeying through at that exact moment. The success of the therapy is when the client can name the emotion, claim it, that and own it. It is only then that a client grows.

We tend to think that emotions dictate thoughts. Science proves that it is exactly the opposite, our thoughts evoke emotions. So if we can name the emotion, we can then begin to understand the thoughts that are driving the emotion. Isn't that what therapy is all about? Empowering ourselves to understand our thought processes is how we can create change for ourselves. Horses have the power to reflect back..... Are you willing to look into the mirror of Equus?

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