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When I need a HUG

The past few days have been filled with newscasts that reflect the ugly in mankind. I, as a counselor, struggle with the media's barraging and negative reinforcement that takes place. It is a researched fact that our news publications reinforce negativity amongst our culture and I do not want to buy into that .... so, what do I do when the world appears to be falling apart around me?


It is amazing to me how these grand creatures hold no prejudice, no pre-conceived notions of who or what you are, and most importantly are willing to trust, when it is earned.

We, as humans could learn so much from these fine animals. If we learned to trust only when that trust was earned, we would not be so easily offended or hurt and then pass judgments. Can you imagine if we wouldn't allow people to come close to us until we knew for sure they were not going to hurt us, how great the reduction of assaults and battery? Can you imagine if we didn't allow people to use us until we knew we were in a true partnership, how great the communications would be between one another? Can you imagine a world, where we paid attention to the body language of one another, as well as to the verbal language, and learned to read it just like we learn to read letters? What kind of world would we live in if we based communication on facts not assumptions!

So, in light of all this chaos that goes in the world, I have to reconnect with honest communication from time to time... and I go to my horses for that blatant honesty. I can't hide from them. They read through my emotions, my actions and my denials, and very often make me confront that emotional dragon that I have been trying to slay on my own. My horses bring me such joy and comfort, while at the same time making me see communication values for what they are, a total package, and something that is a partnership with all involved, whether it be a horse or a human.

My comfort spot is a horse... when I need a hug, it is not unusual for me to be in the center of the round pen, watching these gracious creatures and seeing which one I want to curl up and nuzzle. They communicate with me and I try to talk their language.

#horse #communication #therapy #humans #news #media #judgment

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