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Horses are Mirrors?

In equine assisted psychotherapy, the term "Horses are Mirrors" is used frequently.

What does this term mean?

Horses are prey animals. This means that they live in a state of hyper-alertness to their surroundings. They don't trust easily and most importantly they deal in the moment , with no concept of future or past. These majestic animals can show what is happening in the here and now. This is extremely important in therapy,

Horses reflect back to an individual exactly what they see going before them and they react to exactly what is happening before them at that time. It doesn't matter what the breed is of a horse, what the size is of the animal, or even the gender...they are reflective of those around them.

The greatest part of working with horses in therapy is there is no preconceived notions on the part of the horse. No judgment or prejudices are entered into the therapeutic process by the horse. So, when judgment does come forth, or prejudices show their heads, it is on the part of the client, and the horse only reflects back what is happening in the session.

The key to the success of this type of therapy is when a client can accept freely what is being reflected to him/her and then make positive decisions based on the information provided to him/her.

So, next time you look in a mirror... look for a horse!

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